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P-515 Teaching and Learning Resources

The purpose of P-515 is to encourage interest and support activity in the writing of textbooks, teaching materials, and monographs on appropriate subjects related to areas of interest to Society members. We facilitate the review of textbook and monograph proposals and make recommendations to Society headquarters relative to these proposals. We provide guidance in the editing and publication of approved manuscripts as outlined in the ASABE Guide for Authors. We maintain records showing the current status of all textbooks and monographs in preparation, and provide appropriate reports to the chair of the Publications Council. We encourage and assist in the presentation of programs that are useful in developing textbooks, teaching materials, and monographs. We follow the sales of these publications and make recommendation regarding reprints and revisions. We work closely with the Referreed Publications committee (P-511) to oversee the official peer-review process for teaching materials, and we make decisions regarding the awarding of funds from the Harold Pinches and Glenn Schwab Teaching Materials Fund, following the ASABE Foundation's guidelines. P-515 reports to the Foundation on the expenditures and outcomes. We typically meet in person once a year at the ASABE annual meeting and then have electronic interaction on issues as needed.